Becoming a HiChee Host

We have built the best tool for guests to find a rental and to see where to book it at the best price. We list virtually all rentals and, uniquely, we show price comparisons including a direct-to-host price for your listings.

What's good for guests is great for hosts

Guests love the direct-to-host prices. Typically they save 10-15% compared to booking the same listing on an OTA site.

Think of it as guest-glue. It means that we can get you direct inquiries from travelers who might otherwise have booked through an OTA. For a relatively small number of page views, we generate a lot of inquiries. It's because guests know they haven't missed a better property and they know they have found the best price.

While the OTAs are pushing up the cost of renting, we offer a better deal

Because visitors are so enthusiastic about our site, our advertising dollars bring better returns than is possible any other way. It gives HiChee the power to get you direct bookings at lower cost. Our slice of the pie will be much smaller than the OTA slice.

Getting your listings live on HiChee is as easy as saying "Yes"

All we need is the magic word "Yes", and we will pick up your listings from wherever is appropriate: your online management software, your own website or wherever else on the web that you direct us. The only effort required from you is approval of your listings on HiChee before they go live on our site.

Join us now to start receiving inquiries totally free

There is no cost at present and there's absolutely no commitment. You can accept the free inquiries and then leave us, but we think you'll stay! If you stay, it's still no risk because our charging will be performance-based.

All these property managers and more are already receiving free inquiries from us. Click on the manager name to see the listings on our site:

Maui Paradise Properties

Ali'i Resorts


Hawaii Life Vacations

Sullivan Properties

Sterman Realty

Koko Resorts

Ola Properties

Resortica Hawaii

Vtrips Vacations

Princeville Vacation Rentals

Vacation Maui

Kona Coast Vacations

Private Homes Hawaii

Nowhere else are the live prices compared between listing sites. It's only on!

Our charges

When the time comes to start charging, we will ask you to choose between pay-per-inquiry at 1.8% or "honor-based" pay-per-booking at 4.0% of the total booking value. Compare that to the take-rate of the OTAs which is close to 20%.

The happiness starts here

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