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Airbnb, and Vrbo


We are your go-to travel buddy, finding you the best vacation deals and helping you save money for a better travel experience.

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How to use


1. Install the Chrome Extension

Install the HiChee Chrome Extension to your browser.


2. Open a vacation rental page

Open a vacation rental listing on Airbnb, or Vrbo.

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3. Easily compare prices

Press the HiChee badge and instantly compare prices on Airbnb,, Vrbo, and direct from the host.


4. Enjoy the best deal

Book the cheapest vacation rental on a website or get in touch with a host directly.

How it works

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See all prices on one page

Compare Airbnb,, VRBO and Direct options - All with just one click!

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Access direct deals

Discover direct options: connect with hosts for extra savings!

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See all costs upfront

See clear costs: check price breakdown, including fees and taxes.

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Find the cheapest options with our Magic Search

Get the best deal: use our Magic Search to find a host website and book directly. That means you pay even less!

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Easy to use

Free to use and simple sign-up process!