Your rentals and HiChee

You've got the right rental, use the right tool to book it better!

Confirm the comparison is correct on HiChee, or copy and paste your listing URL(s) on VRBO/Airbnb along with your contact info. It's free. The rental will sort higher. Now that is a minute or two well spent.

Verify the rental and a verified badge will increase guests' trust and get more inquiries by ranking above non-verified properties. Add a blinded contact link for direct uncensored contact with guests. Just click the optional direct contact box. It's FREE. Help guests determine which site is best for them to book on. Opt to let guests save about 20% by booking fee free if you want to book directly with them. HiChee provides the pricing tools, you collect the checks.

Become a Premium user (2$ per month) to rank higher on search results, on similar properties suggestions and get other perks per the chart below. Highlights include a direct contact button right on the property photo linked to email or direct booking site. Optional cyber and short stay badges to consider direct cyber payments and varied length stays.

Want more? Advertise on HiChee - Premium plus is just a nickel per click more. The add will rotate in the top 6 search and similar property results.

Switch between Freemium / Premium / Premium plus at any time.

HiChee believes that an empowered traveler, able to see actual comparative pricing and freely contact hosts creates the best odds for a successful vacation rental experience for all! Why not get involved now?

If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page or send us an email at