A Warm Welcome to New Hosts

Why list your rental on HiChee?

Listing on HiChee is a good move if:

  • You can handle inquiries and take bookings and payments yourself
  • You want independence from the high-commission sites
  • You want to run your business your way with your own terms and conditions

If you say yes to any of the following, then HiChee is probably not useful for you:

  • You want someone else to take bookings and collect payments
  • You're happy to lose the 20% difference between the amount the guest pays and the amount you receive

What are the costs?

It's free to get started. Once you have started receiving inquiries, we will ask you to choose between:

  • pay-per-booking at 5% of the total on bookings that you confirm to us that are attributable to HiChee
  • pay-per-inquiry at USD$8.00 plus 1.5% of the potential booking value for inquiries excluding any that you deem non-genuine.

How does the site work for me?

We advertise. We do social media. We do email marketing. We do blogging. We do everything possible to bring the right people to the site at the right time.

We have not only the listings from our hosts but also "metalistings". The two together, cover almost all of the rentals in the USA. We also show clear and honest price comparisons. This means that guests need go no further. They can be certain of finding the ideal property and getting it at the best price through the hichee.com site.

The aim is that any traveler with intent to book a stay who reaches our site will make their inquiry on HiChee. This gives our advertising much more power than if we were a straightforward "listing site".

The result is that we can bring you direct inquiries at very reasonable cost that, otherwise, would have been indirect through one of the high-commission sites and that means:

  • happier guests not paying "Service Fees"
  • ability to know your guest before they book
  • more of the income retained
  • control over payment methods and timing
  • your own cancellation terms
  • no interference

What results can I expect?

We are realists. HiChee will not replace the volume of inquiries that the high-commission sites produce. You will need to remain listed with at least one of the major sites for a while at least. If your listing has plenty of availability*, you should receive a few good quality inquiries. Some times of year have higher inquiry rates than others.

When you get an inquiry, you will receive the guest's name and contact details in an email. If you have given us a phone number for notifications, you will also receive an SMS. Producing inquiries is as far as we go at present. It's then up to you to respond by confirming the availability and price and explaining the next steps in how to make a booking.

* If you get booked up many months in advance through high-commission sites, it's worth restricting your booking window on those sites to get a chance to obtain bookings without the high commission through HiChee.

How do I get started?

You'll be surprised how easy it is.

If you already have listing(s) on one of the major sites, after clicking on Get Started, above, open up the Live Chat widget and give us your contact details and the links for your listings. We will then generate the HiChee listings, ready for your approval.