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Price Comparison

HiChee is a price comparison search engine that helps travelers save money and make faster, better vacation rental booking decisions.

We show consumers the best prices for your listing and point them to where best to book it — Airbnb, Vrbo,, and directly. We’re not a booking site.

Verify your Airbnb/Vrbo listing in HiChee today. It’s FREE, builds trust, and you’ll get:

  • Direct inquiries from travelers
  • Higher HiChee search rankings
  • More bookings faster
  • Our True Verified Host badge

GET STARTED -- Verifying is simple & easy!

  • You’ll choose one of your AirBnb/Vrbo listings to verify
  • Then shift one listing photo into a new position.
  • Finish with optionally adding your contact info, direct booking link & badges.
  • Verifying multiple rentals? Use our bulk listing tool.
Become a True Verified Host™

Why Verify Your Listing

Direct Inquiry

Get Direct Inquiries (optional)

Share your email, cell & direct booking link to help guests find the best site and best way to book your rental – direct contact with a personalized touch!!

We use anonymized, one-way relay to keep your email and phone n hidden and protected.


Higher Search Rankings & Traffic

Your verified rental receives a “Verified” badge.

It will also rank higher in HiChee search results than non-verified listings, boosting exposure and traffic.

crypto negotiable

Show Crypto & Negotiable Badges

Open to crypto payments? Flexible to negotiate booking terms? Let travelers know!

They can also filter & sort HiChee listings by these optional badges.

Verifying is fast & easy

  • Verifying is as simple as shifting the position of your property listing’s pictures temporarily
  • Manage multiple rentals? Use our bulk listing tool for easy uploading & fast verification.
  • Our Host dashboard helps you manage your verified Hichee listings and referral performance.
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