Your rentals and HiChee

We make a great team!

First, let's be clear about what is:

For guests, it can be the way they find their ideal rental but it is certainly the best way to discover where to book it at the best price.

For hosts, it's all about taking advantage of our guest traffic to get direct bookings. We provide the introduction to your guest and you take it from there, with your own procedures, terms and conditions and possibly at no cost to either you or the guest.

Here's how we work:

We scan the web and our unique technology matches up the entries for each rental from multiple sites. We monitor the prices offered on those sites. Now we can show guests the comparative prices for their planned trip.

Sometimes there's a substantial price difference between the major sites for the same listing. But many guests want to get a really good deal by booking directly with the host. HiChee helps guests to contact you directly, without censorship, avoiding the costs of taking bookings through the major sites. We show a true price comparison to help guests to choose between OTA offers and your own website. Our service is honest, transparent, and at the most basic level, totally free.

To use the service, just enter your VRBO or Airbnb ID number in the "Search" box at the top of this page. When you reach the page for your property, click on "I'm the owner". If your listing is not found on HiChee, please click on the Live Chat (bottom right) and let us know.

Q: If your service is free, how are you funded?

A: We offer premium service levels for those hosts who want to maximize their direct bookings.

Q: What are the premium service levels?

A: Click here for more information

Q: Is it legal that you scrape data from other sites?

A: Collecting publicly accessible data is legal. It's what you do with the data that matters. We use it to provide price comparisons. That's a clear benefit to the consumers and it adds unique value to the sourced data without harming the interests of owners of the data. In intellectual property jargon, this is "fair use."

Q: What are the advantages to me of direct bookings?


  • happier guests not paying "Service Fees"
  • ability to know your guest before they book
  • more of the income retained
  • control over payment methods and timing
  • your own cancellation terms
  • no interference

Q: How do you get traffic to the site?

A: We advertise. We do social media. We do email marketing. We do blogging. We do everything possible to bring the right people to the site at the right time.

Q: How do you pass on inquiries?

A: When you get an inquiry, you will receive the guest's name and contact details in an email. If you have given us a phone number for notifications, you will also receive an SMS. Producing inquiries is as far as we go at present. It's then up to you to respond by confirming the availability and price and explaining the next steps in how to make a booking.