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HiChee helps you to find the perfect vacation rental at the best possible price.


Sometimes you see a great website, and you wonder:

  • How long has it existed?
  • Who are the people behind it?
  • Why does the site look well built?

HiChee started in 2017 when some members of a world-wide technology team who owned some vacation rental properties began talking about how the market had changed. That change was the monopolization of the vacation rentals marketplace by four giant companies to the disadvantage of both guests and owners.

The cost of marketing listings changed from a fixed subscription pricing model to a pay-per-booking percentage model, born mainly by the guest "service fees." The combined fees between the guests and hosts added up to 15-20%. And it became advantageous to the host to list on multiple sites since there were often no fixed charges.

Consequently, most vacation rentals got posted on multiple websites at different prices. Most listings are on either VRBO or Airbnb or both. However, it's the same vacation rental with the same hosts when guests arrive!

As guests, we wanted to compare the prices and reviews across the different sites, but this wasn't easy. So we built a solution to make this easy, HiChee.

For the hosts, we wanted to offer a low cost, low effort, and economical risk marketing solution to bring direct inquiries with no interference from the booking site.

So we built HiChee.com, a vacation rental comparison site that allows you to find the best selection of rental properties, compare prices from owners and OTAs, and get directly in touch with property managers. The site is fast, attractive, and easy to navigate, offering a great user experience for travelers and property managers alike.

HiChee is the flagship product of the ShakaCode software agency. You can read about how we built the product here on ShakaCode.com/hichee. HiChee is also based on React on Rails, the Ruby gem created by the founder Justin for integrating Ruby on Rails with React.

But that’s not all! At ShakaCode, we’re leveraging our reusable IP, expertise, and experience to build modern, attractive, and high-performance business, e-commerce, marketplace, and information sharing websites. Professional but easy going with competitive pricing, transparent billing, and flexible resource allocation, ShakaCode makes it happen!

For help with your website project, please email us at contact@shakacode.com.

And for any questions about HiChee, email us at help@hichee.com or click the Contact Support option in the help menu in the upper right corner..

Thanks for visiting us and aloha!


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