Frequently Asked Questions

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What is is a fast-growing price comparison metasearch engine for over 7 million vacation properties worldwide. We help you find your perfect vacation rental at the best price possible -- prices are gathered from major OTA booking sites like Vrbo, Airbnb, and (coming soon), and may also include estimated book direct pricing from the host. We are NOT a booking platform like the big OTAs. We don't handle payment processing -- we simply show travelers where to book for the lowest price.

What is the meaning behind the name HiChee?

HiChee's roots are in Hawaii, commonly abbreviated as "Hi." Chee comes from the word Cheehoo, a Hawaiian-Samoan exclamation similar to "whoo-hoo!." Visit our blog for more details and to hear how Cheehoo is properly uttered.

What is HiChee's mission?

Honesty and transparency in vacation rental bookings. Our aim is to design useful tools so travelers can make smarter, better, and faster booking decisions.

How is HiChee different than HomeToGo and other travel search sites?

HomeToGo and many other travel search engines (OTAs) will show listings from many different sites, plus some property manager sites. However, only HiChee shows head-to-head price differences for the same rental across different OTAs and a host's direct-book website.

Does HiChee only have Hawaii Rentals?

Absolutely not. HiChee includes rentals across the world. Try typing in some cities and locations at the top search bar right now!

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you signed up with Facebook or Google, or requested a Login Link, you don’t need a password to log in. You can simply click on the Facebook or Google login button on the login screen, or click "Email a Login Link." Otherwise, visit this link to reset your password. If you need further assistance, please click on Contact Support via the Help section at the top of this page.

How do I delete my account and any stored information/data?

If you wish to delete your account and any stored information/data, please contact HiChee Support and we will assist you. You can find the Hichee Support link in the footer below

Traveler FAQ

Are online bookings available for listings?

HiChee is not a listing site. Therefore, we do not process bookings or payments.

We provide the links to your favorite rentals in our price comparison results, so you can book instantly on Airbnb, Vrbo, and Direct-to-Host booking site. For some of the BookDirect deals, you can send the host your inquiry via email simply by clicking on the "Send Inquiry" button.

How can I see the book-direct deals?

If the host has already given HiChee his or her direct-book website, you will see the "True Verified Host" badge in the listing page or in the destination search results. You can either book via their direct-book site or click "Message Host" to send an inquiry via email.

In all other listings, only Big-Booking-Site links are available. If you are interested in receiving a future ALERT as to when direct deals and the direct booking site is available from the host, please click the "Alert Me When Available" button on that listing.

Why do the nightly rates seem higher than on other websites?

This is because other websites display a plain nightly rate which does not include the service fees and taxes.

HiChee calculates all fees and taxes and shows you a True Nightly Rate, so you can easily compare prices "apple-to-apples."

I sent an inquiry to the Host, but no one replied. What should I do?

Please let us know if you do not get a reply from the Host within 24 hours of your inquiry sent via "Message Host" on the HiChee website. Message us via "Contact Support" in the Help tab and include the HiChee listing URL.

However, if you've sent an inquiry to the host or already made a booking via a different site *other* than HiChee (e.g. Airbnb and Vrbo, please contact the host directly through that site.

It is always better to inquire about more than one property in HiChee. This way, you will increase your chances of a great booking.

What is the Aggregated HiChee Rating for a Rental?

On any rental listing page's Review section, HiChee shows an aggregated rating, which is based based on combining the guest review ratings from the major OTA booking sites listed, and calculating the average.

Host FAQ

How can I get add my Direct Booking Site to my Hichee listing?

If you control an existing listing on Airbnb or Vrbo already, you simply need to go through our True Host Verification process to verify your control. During the verification process, you will be prompted to submit your Direct Booking website to HiChee. If you DON'T have a Direct Booking site, you can submit a Facebook or other preferred link that promotes your property. NOTE: We do not allow hosts to "Create" a listing from HiChee. We simply pull your property data from your existing Airbnb or Vrbo listing.

How can I verify multiple listings quickly?

If you have more than 10 listings, message us via the "Contact Support" link under the Help menu and we'll provide you instructions for bulk listing verification.

How much does HiChee charge?

HiChee is totally free for both travelers and hosts to use. We will never charge for adding your book-direct website link to our site, which is a core feature of our site. HiChee is growing fast, so in the future, we plan to potentially offer marketing & advertising solutions, as well as premium services or subscriptions.

What is the Price Comparison Widget?

This is a tool for hosts, created by HiChee, that integrates with your website and shows a price comparison once the visitor requests a quote. Currently, it is not publicly available, as we are working on a new version. For more information, visit our Price Comparison Widget page. Message us via "Contact Support" if you'd like to to beta-test it!

What if I need to speak to a live person for help?

If you are a host with complex questions that are not being answered by this FAQ or via our Customer Support messaging (Intercom), you may text or call us at +1 (808) 445-9938 between 9am- 5pm ET.

Listing Verification: How can I unverify a listing, submit a missing "match" (cross-listing), or merge duplicate listings?

Please message us via "Contact Support" in the Help tab at the top of the page if you need help to (1) un-verify a listing that you already verified (2) submit a missing cross-listing that is not appearing in HiChee results (eg. you see your rental's Airbnb listing but there are no HiChee results for that same rental's Vrbo listing), or (3) merge 2 duplicate listings so that price comparisons are showing side-by-side. Self-help tools will be available shortly.

How can I easily verify multiple listings?

If you have more than 5 vacation rental listings to verify with us and add their book-direct website URLs, please click on "Contact Support" via the Help tab and we will give you access to our Bulk Listing Tool. This tool will be available in the Host Dashboard shortly.

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