Price Comparison Widget

Supercharge Your Vacation Rentals Website

Right now, visitors to your website can find out all about your properties and can get a quote for specific dates. But what's to stop them drifting off to the OTA sites where they have a wider choice?

Nothing grabs attention quite like a really good deal and a really good deal is just what you offer, so, let's hear it!

For every guest visiting your website, for every quote generated, the Price Comparison can show automatically.

What does it cost?

Having the HiChee Price Comparison widget on your website costs from $0.25 to $2.00 per listing per month. Most commonly, it's $1.00 per listing per month. It depends on whether you already publish your listings to HiChee and are on one of our promotion plans (Pay-per-inquiry, Pay-per-booking or Subscription) and the extent of widget customization required. Here's a table to explain:

How can it be customized?

The following are offered without extra cost:

  1. Color scheme
  2. Your branding on the "On this website" row
  3. Initial position on screen
  4. Active only on selected listings

And these customizations are available but at the higher price band:

  1. Replace the HiChee link with your own text and/or link
  2. OTA View buttons removed or behaviour altered

How do we get it?

First, if you're not already a HiChee customer, first you should set up your account: - just click on Sign Up on the header bar.


Q: What does it take to install it?

A: Just insert our snippet into your listing page <head> section. It should take your "tech guy" no longer than two minutes.

Q: Will we need to maintain and configure it?

A: No. That's all done on our side.

Q: Can we remove it if we need to?

A: Yes, you can remove the widget code or just ask us to disable it.

Q: Does this enable you to track the visitor?

A: No. We do get the IP address of the visitor but that doesn't tell us anything useful.

Q: How do I know that there's nothing malicious in the widget?

A: Just ask your "tech guy" to inspect the inserted javascript. It picks up dates and the listing ID from your page and makes requests to our server and then displays the response.

Q: Is it legal that you access the price data from the OTAs?

A: We have looked extensively into the legality of the price comparison concept. It is clear that price comparison is a fair use of proprietary data. Price Comparison Widgets are firmly established in the hotel sector (see yet the price discrepancies are much bigger on rentals.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask using the Live Chat feature on this page. Please remember to leave your email address so that we are able to answer you later if we cannot connect right now.