How To Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Your Next Stay

When searching for a vacation rental for our next stay, we typically browse a few websites to find a place that fits our needs and budget. The most common websites being browsed are Vrbo, Airbnb,, and Trip Advisor. Any other website, if not managed by the host, will most likely direct you to these major sites.

The total price will vary in every different site for the same vacation rental. Just by cherry-picking the booking channel, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Let’s take a vacation rental in Florida as an example:

Check-in: 2020-11-10 Check out: 2020-11-20

You started a search on Airbnb, found your perfect stay. Congratulations! Even better, it is within your budget. You do not want to miss the opportunity, so you decide to book while still available. Wait! Do not book it immediately. Here is why:

As you see in the screenshots above, a vacation rental that you found on Airbnb can be much cheaper on another site, in this case, Vrbo.

You are booking the same rental from the same owner. Just by choosing which platform to book, you saved more than $450 in the example above.

Hold on; there is more.

Imagine if you found the same rental on the owner’s website. In most cases, the book direct price will be equal to Vrbo/Airbnb minus the service fee. In this case;

$4,236 - $334 = $3,902

We talked about saving more than $450; now it became almost $800 by just deciding to book direct. Unfortunately, a book direct price is not always available because many owners choose to list only with major sites. You might be thinking now how to find the same rental on other websites and how to be sure it is the matching one?

There are two ways: The first one is time-consuming since you have to dig deeper. The second one is a well-known secret between frequent travelers.

The first way is to search and match the rentals manually. Generally, the titles are the same, pictures are mostly the same, and sometimes you can see the unit number is the same. You can always check the hostname, which is generally the same. All these can help you to determine if it is the same rental or not.

Too complicated?

Don't worry. We have the solution for you! not only displays you almost all vacation rentals in the USA, but also compares prices between Vrbo and Airbnb, and Direct to Host when possible.

Remember the example above. If you were doing your search on HiChee, here is what you would see:

Don’t waste time searching for a vacation rental in different sites.

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