Get more direct bookings with HiChee

HiChee is THE price comparison site for vacation rentals: We show vacation rentals from across the web and, for each property, we show a live price comparison across the major sites. Guests love because of the honest price comparisons. No other site offers this. Hosts can benefit too. We promote direct-to-host offers because they are almost always the best value for the guest. They are an advantage to you too. Even if you have no relationship with HiChee, we may sometimes just send you a guest referral, completely free, just because it's helpful to the guest. However, you can really benefit when you get actively involved:

Option 1: As a first step, you can just "claim" your listing(s). That ensures that guests wanting to contact you, based on your OTA listing, can just send their inquiry instantly through HiChee. There's no cost for this, but your listings are not actively promoted.

Option 2: You can use HiChee to actively promote your listings. With this option, you have full control of your listings and can show your exact direct prices AND your direct offer will benefit from exposure on the site. Your first inquiry is free. To continue, you need to sign up for one of our pay-for-performance plans (e.g. 4% of booking total based on bookings that you confirm to us). With "pay-for-performance" there's no risk and no up-front payment. The alternative plan is per-inquiry at $8 plus 1.5% of the potential booking value.

There's more:

For hosts with their own website:

You can get our price comparison widget on your own website. It's very simple to add - your tech guy should be able to add our snippet in a minute or two. With the widget your direct bookings through your own website will improve because guests can see clearly that they get a much better deal by cutting out the OTA.

For hosts without their own website:

Just add your listing(s) to and we can auto-generate your own full-featured vacation rental website. There's no up-front cost and our annual charge is the lowest in the industry.

Need more bookings?

You can buy "Sponsored listing" tickets. Relevant Sponsored Listings appear at the top of our search results when presented in the initial sort order. Our system shows Sponsored Listings in the top 5 slots, showing the host name and a link to your own website. You can track the showings and you can buy the tickets in units of just $10 so that you can try it with minimal risk. For $10, you get 200 verifiable, non-transient showings as Sponsored Listings.