Referral Credits

We are looking for enthusiastic hosts! Spread the word and earn credits towards free service by referring your favorite hosts to HiChee!

How do I make a referral

We are working on a referral link system to track referrals. So for now:


Invite a friend by email and copy


Your friend signs up and publishes a qualified listing to HiChee.


You and your friend will receive a $75 credit on your account.

What counts as a successful referral?

A successful referral is when the host(s) you invite publish a “qualified” listing to F&G.

Who is eligible for the referral credit?

All premium member hosts with a public or private listing are eligible for the referral credit.

What is a “qualified” listing?

Your listing must include at least ten (10) high-quality photos and a full description including amenities, details, pricing, and house rules.