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Private room in Santa Clara, California
5/5(5 reviews)

Mid-Century Master Bedroom in a Luxury Apartment

Bedrooms1 bedroom
Bathrooms1 bathroom
Beds1 bed
Guests2 guests

This is a mater bedroom in a 2Bed2Bath apartment, with the bathroom in the bedroom. The house is furnished with mid-century furniture, Danish lamps and antiques. There are jacuzzi, swimming pool and gym in the apartment community. I am a 30's working professional going to office pretty much 9-6. I live in another room if I am home. I love hosting guests. Make your living experience brilliant is important for me.

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Total Price for Sample Dates: Nov 14Nov 21, 2020, 1 guest

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5/5(5 reviews)
5/5(5 reviews)

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