Claim Your Listings

or get full integration with Hawaii Chee

Why my listings are on Hawaii Chee?

Rather than just an ordinary listings site, Hawaii Chee operates as a meta-search engine for Hawaii vacation rentals. We gather data from multiple online sources so guests can find information about all Hawaii vacation rentals in one place.

What is "Unclaimed"?

Listings that are not managed by their owners are called "Unclaimed." If you claim your listings, we will remove the tag.

Why should I claim my listings?

  • You will be able to receive direct inquiries.
  • Your listing will be displayed as "verified" instead of "unclaimed".

What is the difference between "claiming" and "full integration"?

Sorting: Full integrated listings are sorted before the claimed listings. When a guest makes a search, claimed listings will be displayed after full integrated listings.

About Host: Host information is visible to guests if the listing is full integrated. Claimed listing will have just an information letting guests know that the listing and host are verified.

Pricing: If your listing is full integrated, you can edit your pricing details. Claimed listings will get the pricing data from Vrbo/Airbnb, and Direct to Host price will be the same price without the service fees.

Calendar: If your listing is full integrated, you can edit/manage your calendar. Claimed listings' calendar data will be same as Vrbo/Airbnb.

Listing Details: Full integrated listings have all details visible to guests, and any changes you make will be applied immediately. Claimed listings have only some details and you cannot make changes on Hawaii Chee; any changes you make on the other website will be applied within a week.

How much does Hawaii Chee charge?

We do not charge our hosts, claiming or full integration, both are FREE for the time being.

When the time comes to start charging, we will ask you to choose between pay-per-inquiry at 1.8% or "honor-based" pay-per-booking at 5.0%. Compare that to the take-rate of the major listings sites which is close to 20%.

How do I start?

Email us at or click HERE to leave your details.